Can I view the car?
We list vehicles from the UK, New Zealand and Japan. For UK listings please call the dealer directly to view. For vehicles located in Japan and New Zealand, it isn’t possible to visit the car.
How do I know if the car is based in the UK?
We list vehicles from the UK, New Zealand and Japan. For UK listings you will see a Union Jack flag and a final £ price. For international cars you will see the location flag on the title image and a CIF price. Vehicle descriptions will also detail that the car is based in an overseas market.
Are Imported cars cheaper?
Whether imported cars are cheaper or not can depend on several factors, including the make and model of the car, the country of origin, exchange rates, local taxes and duties, shipping costs, and the condition of the vehicle. Some models aren’t available in a domestic market and therefore are only attainable through importation.
What services do you offer?
We specialise in importing cars from various countries, handling all aspects of the process including purchasing, export documentation and clearance and shipping to the UK.
Which countries do you import cars from?
We import cars from Japan and New Zealand.
Can you help me find a specific car model?
Yes, we offer a concierge service. You would need to let us know the make, model, year, and any specific requirements you have plus a retainer based on budget, and we will take the dedicated search from there.
How long does the importing process take?
The importing process typically takes between 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the country of origin and the shipping method chosen. For example Japan Port to Port is around 6 weeks.
What are the costs involved in importing a car?
Our sales price for overseas vehicles is CIF which is the cost of the car delivered and insured to a UK port (typically Southampton). Under this term (CIF) the vehicle responsibility passes once the vehicle arrives at the port of destination. Customs clearance, duties and VAT will need to be paid to clear the vehicle. An MOT and registration fees will also be required. Vehicles over 10yrs old follow a simplified importation process.
How do I know the car's condition before purchasing it?
Each listing is designed to be truthful and representative of the car. For the international cars we have an inspection report from the sellers. Requests for further information can be made.
Do you offer financing options?
At this point do we do not, however, if you are a wholesale trade customer please contact us to discuss terms.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept bank transfers only to our UK bank account.
What documents are required to import a car?
You will need the original purchase invoice, bill of lading, export certificate, and a copy of your identification. We can recommend local partners to assist you with the UK paperwork.
Do I need to register the imported car myself?
Imported cars are currently sold under on a CIF basis so you would need to register the vehicle yourself. Please see our how to guide.
Are there any restrictions on importing cars?
Yes, some countries have restrictions on the age, emissions standards, specifications and modifications of imported cars. Whilst we restrict 99% of non compliant vehicles, it is always the responsibility of the customer to ensure that any car they wish to import complies with local regulations.
How is the car shipped?
Cars are typically shipped via Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) vessels or in secure shipping containers. We choose the safest and most cost-effective method based on the car and destination.
Can I track my shipment?
Yes, we provide tracking information once the car is shipped, allowing you to monitor its progress until it arrives.
What happens if the car is damaged during shipping?
Under CIF purchase terms we offer insurance to cover any potential damages during shipping. In the unlikely event of damage, we will assist you with the claims process. Under CIF however the insurance ceases once the vehicle passes the ships rail at the port of destination
Do you provide warranty on imported cars?
Acting as a broker for imported vehicles on a CIF basis we do not offer a warranty on the vehicle, however, we can put you in touch with UK based warranty companies.
Can you help with modifications and compliance?
We can recommend local partners to assist with modification, testing and safety inspections.
How can I get in touch with you?
You can contact us via email, or through our website's contact form. Our customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.
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