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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2003 Alfa Romeo 147
31,069mls | Manual | 3200cc | Petrol
£12,450 CIF

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Alfa Romeo 147 Cars

The Alfa Romeo 147 is a compact car that offers style, comfort and performance. The Italian car manufacturer has managed to create a car that delivers an excellent driving experience for UK roads while looking stylish enough to make an impression.

With dimensions of 4.20 meters in length and 1.72 meters in width, the Alfa Romeo 147 provides adequate space for both driver and passengers without being too bulky or difficult to park in tight spaces. Its low height of just over 1.40 meters provides it with a sporty look and also improves handling.

The car comes with a variety of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 105hp to 150hp which are all smooth and responsive on UK roads. The steering is light, yet precise making the car ideal for urban areas where manoeuvrability is key but can still offer stability on winding roads out of the city.

Inside the cabin, you'll find high-quality materials such as soft-touch plastics and leather seating surfaces which offer not only style but durability - important when taking long journeys or navigating through British weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. Features include automatic climate control, CD player, electric windows/mirrors, cruise control with speed limiter functions etc.

Safety-wise the Alfa Romeo 147 received four out of five stars in Euro NCAP tests which should put buyers at ease. It also features various safety systems including airbags throughout the cabin as well as electronic stability control, anti-lock braking system etc.

As for fuel consumption expect an average mpg figure around mid-30s mark making it competitive within its class even with those focused more heavily on economy. And when considering where you'll drive this stylish vehicle; think A-roads like The Snake Pass, North Yorkshire's Kirkstone Pass - some would say they were made specifically for cars like this!

Overall if you're looking for a sleek design combined with good performance all while delivering comfort features typically seen on premium brands but offered here at better value (all else being equal), then consider purchasing an Alfa Romeo 147 today!

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