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Used Car For Sale from Japan
1999 Alfa Romeo 156
34,449mls | Manual | 2500cc | Petrol
£7,350 CIF
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2003 Alfa Romeo 156
100,600mls | Manual | 3200cc | Petrol
£7,950 CIF

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Alfa Romeo 156 Cars

The Alfa Romeo 156 is a striking Italian saloon car that boasts sporty styling and exceptional performance. It's a stylish option for drivers in the United Kingdom who are looking for something unique on the roads. With its signature pointed nose and sleek curves, the Alfa Romeo 156 exudes confidence.

The petrol engines available in the UK range from a 1.6-liter engine producing 120 bhp to a 2.5-liter V6 delivering an impressive 190 bhp. Drivers will appreciate the quick acceleration and responsive handling, making it a thrilling drive around winding UK roads. It is also noteworthy that all models come with independent suspension for maximum control over every turn and curve.

Inside, the Alfa Romeo 156 has an elegant design that feels upscale without sacrificing functionality. There is ample space for front seat passengers, but those riding in the back may feel slightly cramped - common in most sporty saloons of this type.

In terms of safety, the Alfa Romeo 156 fares well with airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), and anti-lock braking system (ABS). The Euro NCAP awarded it four out of five stars after testing its safety features thoroughly.

As for practicality, there is enough boot space to carry daily essentials or even pack light for weekend trips around scenic destinations throughout Britain. Fuel efficiency varies between engines but on average expects fuel consumption between around 25 mpg and over 30 mpg.

Finally, buying an Alfa Romeo should be a great experience whether you purchase it new or used as they have built up loyal fans from both parties across England, Scotland and Wales. Used car buyers should bear in mind getting vehicles with proper service records can be key to prolonging vehicle life-span when dealing with some mileage-related faults down-the-line that occur frequently amongst some Alfisti clubs owners.

Overall, the Alfa Romeo 156 offers distinctive styling and enjoyable driving dynamics for those in search of something different than just another mid-size saloon vehicle offered by competing brands currently selling across dealerships throughout Britain.

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