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Alfa Romeo 159 Cars For Sale in United Kingdom

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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2007 Alfa Romeo 159
29,345mls | Automatic | 2200cc | Petrol
£4,290 CIF
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2011 Alfa Romeo 159
28,971mls | Automatic | 2200cc | Petrol
£6,990 CIF

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Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan Cars

The Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan is an Italian-made car that brings a stylish and sophisticated design to the UK market. With sleek curves, sharp lines, and a front grille emblematic of the brand's history, the 159 is certainly a head-turner on the road. The exterior has been crafted to reduce wind resistance while remaining stable even at high speeds, making it ideal for UK driving conditions.

The Alfa Romeo 159 is powered by a range of petrol and diesel engines that deliver impressive performance and fuel efficiency. The top-of-the-range petrol engine produces over 230 horsepower, capable of propelling the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under eight seconds. All engines meet UK emission standards while providing drivers with smooth power delivery across the rev range.

Inside, the Alfa Romeo 159 is spacious and comfortable, perfect for long journeys or commuting in heavy traffic. High-quality materials are used throughout the cabin, including soft-touch plastics, leather seats and brushed aluminium accents. Standard features include air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors as well as steering wheel-mounted audio controls making for ease of use.

The suspension system provides a smooth ride on both motorways and country roads whilst being relatively firm to ensure good handling in tighter turns. Driving comfort comes into play with innovative features like rain-sensitive wipers automatic headlights make daily commutes easier as they adapt according to weather changes allowing more time to focus on driving conditions.

Safety features abound in this car which helped achieve its high safety rating at testing centers worldwide like Euro NCAP. There are standard driver assistance technologies such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) coupled with anti-lock braking systems that have made it possible for all-wheel-drive models offer excellent handling under diverse driving scenarios around corners during tight turns even during wet or snowy conditions that are prevalent in winter months.

Overall, The Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan delivers style and performance at par while being safe ensuring peace of mind wherever you may be heading towards across United Kingdom’s road network – whether driving through countryside roads or on city streets, this car proves itself capable of excelling through varying terrains!

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