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Used Car For Sale from Japan
1991 Alfa Romeo GT
59,297mls | Manual | 1300cc | Petrol
£59,950 CIF

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Alfa Romeo GT Cars

The Alfa Romeo GT is a sports coupe that exudes elegance and style. It is designed to give you the thrill of driving a sports car without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Under the hood, the Alfa Romeo GT boasts an impressive range of engines. The most popular engine option in the UK is the 1.9-litre JTD diesel engine, which delivers ample power with smoothness and efficiency. Another popular choice in the UK market is the 2.0-litre JTS petrol engine, which offers smooth acceleration and plenty of torque.

The Alfa Romeo GT's sleek styling sets it apart from its rivals, making it a head-turner on UK roads. The design features a sloping roofline that accentuates its sporty silhouette and an elongated front end that emphasizes its athletic character.

In terms of driving experience, the Alfa Romeo GT delivers performance worthy of its Italian heritage. The ride quality is firm yet comfortable, thanks to the sport-tuned suspension system that balances out any bumps on uneven UK roads. Handling is sharp and precise, aided by responsive steering that makes manoeuvring in tight spaces effortless.

Inside the cabin, drivers are treated to an array of features such as leather-trimmed seats with electronic adjustment options, climate control air conditioning for UK’s unpredictable weather conditions , parking sensors for tight urban parking spaces .Passengers are also treated with comfortable legroom at both front and rear.

In terms of safety equipment, all Alfa Romeo GT models come equipped with multiple airbags as well as electronic stability control systems to keep you secure in different UK driving conditions.The built-in alarm systems adds peace of mind especially when parking or leaving your car for prolonged period in busy towns and cities.

Overall, The Alfa Romeo GT's impressive mix of Italian flair , Comfortable practicality paired with dynamic handling , impresses any driver seeking adventure along Britain’s winding roads but doesn’t want to compromise style while taking daily drives within their respective regions whether inside bustling cities or coastal highways across breathtaking vistas .

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