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Aston Martin DB7 Petrol Cars For Sale in the United Kingdom from the United Kingdom

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Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2002 Aston Martin DB7
Reduced by £2,000
49,000mls | Automatic | 5900cc | Petrol

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Aston Martin DB7 Convertible Petrol Cars

The Aston Martin DB7 Convertible Petrol is a luxurious vehicle that promises an exhilarating driving experience for those seeking to combine speed and elegance. With its sleek, aerodynamic body design, this convertible sports car is perfect for UK driving conditions.

Under the hood, the DB7 features a powerful 5.9-liter V12 engine that produces 420 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate from 0-60mph in just under five seconds. It also has an impressive top speed of 165mph. Despite its power and speed, the vehicle still offers a smooth and comfortable ride that can handle bumpy roads with ease.

One of the highlights of this car is its high-quality interior finishes. The leather seats are not only plush and comfortable but are also hand-stitched by skilled craftsmen, making each seat unique. The dashboard is made up of premium materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum while offering easy-to-read dials with clear indications.

Other noteworthy features include automatic climate control, heated seats, an excellent sound system, and cruise control.

While the performance may seem sporty at first glance, Aston Martin has put safety at the forefront of their engineering efforts. With dual-stage driver airbags, seat-mounted side airbags in addition to rollover protection devices such as reinforced door frames.

UK buyers will be pleased to know that this sports car handles well on winding UK roads; the precise steering allows for an excellent connection between driver and car while delivering a thrilling ride on even narrow country lanes.

In conclusion, The Aston Martin DB7 Convertible Petrol's powerful V12 engine combined with luxurious features inside makes it one of the most coveted convertibles among petrolheads today. It offers both power and style while being surprisingly practical for everyday driving on UK roads thanks to its modern engineering innovations. Anyone seeking thrills behind the wheel should definitely consider adding this impressive automobile to their collection or driveway!

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