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Audi Used Cars For Sale in UK

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Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2019 Audi A3 TFSi Turbo
30,174mls | Manual | 1000cc | Petrol
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2021 Audi A3 TFSi Turbo
28,925mls | Automatic | 1000cc | Petrol
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2017 Audi A3 TFSi Turbo
23,817mls | Automatic | 1400cc | Petrol
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2021 Audi Q2 TFSi Turbo
22,273mls | Manual | 1000cc | Petrol
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2021 Audi A1 TFSi Turbo
25,464mls | Manual | 1000cc | Petrol

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Audi Petrol Cars

The Audi Petrol Turbo is a high-performance car designed to offer superior driving experience in the United Kingdom. The car features a 2.0-litre TFSI turbocharged engine that produces 197 bhp and delivers impressive acceleration from standstill to top speed.

One of the standout features of this model is its excellent fuel efficiency, with an average of around 44 miles per gallon. This makes it ideal for long distance travel across the UK, where drivers can benefit from its ability to handle different terrain and weather conditions while saving on fuel costs.

The Audi Petrol Turbo also comes equipped with advanced safety technology that includes electronic stability control, parking sensors, and rear-view camera systems, which help improve safety for drivers on busy UK roads.

When it comes to design and comfort, the Audi Petrol Turbo offers luxury materials, plush seating arrangements and spacious cabins, ensuring driver and passengers can travel comfortably for long journeys.

For those who like to drive off-road or in tough terrain conditions, the car has adaptive air suspension that automatically adjusts to provide maximum support while maintaining ride comfort levels for everyone on board.

In terms of entertainment options, this vehicle is packed with cutting-edge audio systems as well as satellite navigation and voice control features so you'll never get lost on any UK roads you explore with ease

If you are looking for a powerful yet efficient petrol-powered vehicle capable of tackling even the toughest British road conditions - whether cruising down motorways or winding country lanes - then look no further than the Audi Petrol Turbo. It's safe, comfortable and handles exceptionally well on all types of road surfaces. With ample cabin space, advanced entertainment system features and a smooth ride experience over long distances; it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser regardless if its driven in city center traffic or rural environments.

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