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Kia Sorento Used Cars For Sale in UK

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Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid 4WD
9,064mls | Automatic | 1598cc | Petrol Hybrid
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2023 Kia Sorento Hybrid 4WD
3,525mls | Automatic | 1598cc | Petrol Hybrid
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2023 Kia Sorento PHEV 4WD
8,096mls | Automatic | 1598cc | Plug-In Petrol Hybrid

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Kia Sorento Cars

The Kia Sorento 4WD - 4x4 is an impressive and versatile SUV that offers ample space for passengers and cargo while providing excellent off-road capabilities. This vehicle has been designed with the UK's driving conditions in mind, and its numerous features make it an excellent choice for drivers who need a rugged, yet comfortable car to handle the road.

This SUV comes with a spacious interior that can accommodate up to seven people comfortably. Additionally, its seating position is relatively high, which allows for better visibility on the road ahead. Moreover, the boot of this car can hold 821 litres of luggage when all seats are in use or as much as 1,662 litres if you fold down all the rear seats.

Underneath the bonnet lies a diesel engine that produces up to 200bhp; hence this vehicle provides plenty of power even on steep inclines. Furthermore, it has an all-wheel-drive system that enables it to handle difficult terrains such as muddy roads or snow-covered surfaces effortlessly.

Inside the cabin is well equipped with advanced features like dual-zone climate control system that ensures every passenger stays comfortable during a long trip. Other technologies available include an infotainment system complete with Bluetooth connectivity, sat-nav functions among others. It also comes fitted with USB ports and several charging points.

Safety has not been overlooked either since this SUV incorporates safety technologies such as lane-keeping assistance systems as well as emergency braking support. These two essential safety systems help reduce accidents resulting from distraction or lack of focus while on highways.

Finally, for buyers based in cold climates areas such as Scotland or Yorkshire looking for a robust four-wheel-drive family-friendly vehicle that still offers practicality around town – The Kia Sorento 4WD - 4x4 offers unparalleled comfort in varied driving situations, so come rain or shine UK roads will always be tackled head-on.

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