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Used Car For Sale from Japan
2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost
26,098mls | Automatic | 6600cc | Petrol
£66,890 CIF
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom
9,631mls | Automatic | 6740cc | Petrol
£175,190 CIF
Used Car For Sale from United Kingdom
2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost
1,214mls | Automatic | 6700cc | Petrol
Used Car For Sale from Japan
2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost
17,398mls | Automatic | 6600cc | Petrol
£71,550 CIF
Used Car For Sale from Japan
1990 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
34,797mls | Automatic | 6700cc | Petrol
£11,250 CIF

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Rolls-Royce Cars

The Rolls-Royce is a luxurious and iconic car that has been sought after by many for years. It boasts impressive features, making it one of the most coveted vehicles in the world.

In terms of size, the Rolls-Royce is a big car. Its length measures up to 6 meters and its width reaches almost 2 meters. Despite its size, it can be easily maneuvered thanks to its responsive handling. The car is built with air suspension which ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy roads.

The engine options are powerful and refined, with the V12 petrol engine being the most popular choice. This engine delivers exceptional performance that rivals some sports cars while still maintaining the luxury ride expected from a Rolls-Royce. There is also an option for a diesel-powered engine which provides improved fuel efficiency.

The interior of the Rolls-Royce is truly spectacular. The seats are crafted from premium leather that gives off an elegant feel and look to the car's cabin. The infotainment system comes with all the latest technologies such as satellite navigation, audio systems, and connectivity features that are essential for today's drivers.

Safety features have been incorporated into this vehicle such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring to ensure driver safety at all times.

In addition to being visually striking on the road due to its unique design and body shape, there are customization options available for personalizing your Rolls-Royce according to your preferences.

Overall, driving a Rolls-Royce is a remarkable experience that cannot be compared to any other vehicle in terms of comfort and style. With such an impressive heritage behind it, owning one truly makes you part of an exclusive club in the United Kingdom automotive scene.

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